What we are Offering?

The new employee files are created using the Cassini online application to which the company must subscribe. Your new employees are invited to complete their personal information such as social insurance number, date of birth, postal address, email address and emergency contacts.

The automated payroll service is started as soon as all the timesheets for the last completed pay period have been approved by the manager (s) using the Cassini online application.

Once the net pay has been calculated by CassiniPaie, a pay register is sent to you for approval.

  • Once the register is approved, the salary deposit file is automatically sent to the bank for processing:
    • Employees will receive their pay directly into their specified day bank account
    • The total amount of net pay is drawn from the company's bank account and deposited into each of the employee accounts on the day of the scheduled deposit date.
    • No amount of money goes through the payroll service
  • Pay slips are deposited in the Documents space of the portal and employees are notified by email and / or text message of the receipt of a new pay slip.

Depending on the frequencies to which you are subject as an employer, the payroll service performs the following operations within the prescribed deadlines:

  • Rebates to Revenu Québec:
    • Your source deductions, employer contributions to the Quebec Pension Plan (QPP), the Quebec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP) and the Health Services Fund (FSS) are made at one of the following frequencies:
      • annual, if the total source deductions and employer contributions are less than or equal to $ 2,400 for the previous year, or if we estimate that this will be the case for the current year
      • quarterly, if your average monthly payment for the previous year was less than $ 3,000
      • monthly, if your average monthly payment for the previous year was less than $ 25,000
      • fortnightly, if your average monthly payment for the previous year was $ 25,000 or more but less than $ 100,000
      • weekly, if your average monthly payment for the previous year was $ 100,000 or more
    • No amount of money is transferred to the payroll bank account. The money transfer transaction is carried out directly from the employer's bank account with Revenu Québec. An email is sent to the employer 24 hours before the transaction in order to inform him of the amounts that will be paid
    • The fund transfer is made electronically via the Clic-Revenu web services to which the employer must be subscribed.
  • Remittances to Revenue Canada:
    • Same as at Revenu Quebec but with regard to Canadian source deductions and your employer contributions to Employment Insurance (EI)
    • The remittance is made through the employer's financial institution website. Our payroll service can do this by having strictly limited access to this function on the website
  • Deductions for support payments and garnishment of wages
  • The annual contribution for the financing of the Commission des normes du travail (CNT), paid no later than the last day of February
  • The annual contribution for the Workforce Skills Development and Recognition Fund, paid no later than the last day of February

Periodic services

The payroll department takes care of producing the following documents with government agencies when required:

  • Production of ROEs at the request of the employer:
    • tickProduction of the employee statement
    • tickTransfer of it on the RE WEB site
    • tickEmail copy of statement to employer
  • The annual production of T4 and Relevés 1:
    • tickPerformed in January of each year for all employees who have had one or more pay in the calendar year ended
    • tickEmail T4 Summary and Relevé 1 Report to Employer
    • tickTransfer of T4 documents and Relevés 1 to the Employee portal
    • tickSend an email to employees advising them of the availability of documents

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