What we are Offering?

  • Facilitate and accelerate time approval by your supervisors
  • Benefit from increased attendance and time control
  • Simplify the preparation of gross pay
  • Compile your detailed labor costs by branch, by department, by activity, etc.
  • Manage your hours or leave banks such as sickness, mobile, vacation while eliminating complicated Excel sheets
  • Automate the management of the calculation of public holidays
  • Use the attendance table to find out in real time who is present or not
  • Reduce your ecological footprint thanks to our paperless environment
  • Export data to your payroll software or take advantage of integration with our Titan payroll software
  • Create your schedules by employee category
  • Establish hourly rates per employee as well as by trade class and step
  • Automatically calculate overtime according to your company policies
  • Automate the formulas for calculating your evening, night or other premiums
  • Configure mandatory minimum times on breaks and meals
  • Get detailed or cumulative reports of times in hours and amounts, if desired
  • Web application accessible via a computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Works under Windows, Linux, Android or iOs
  • Management of activities up to three levels (project, activity, phase)
  • Consultation of previous weeks

Safe and flexible

  • tickDefine multiple security levels to meet your needs
  • tickChoose the parking meter according to the method preferred by your company (proximity card, touch screen, biometric reader, numeric keypad)
  • tickAutomatically record tally information according to the selected mode of use and identification
  • tickOnly allow certain supervisors and administrators to access advanced functions such as time verification, editing and confirmation
  • tickView changes, additions and deletions in real time for maximum control

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