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Atlas constitutes a complete solution to compile worked time per employee, per project and activity if required, as well as absences, remunerated or not.

Our time & attendance management solution is fed by various types of mural data collection stations which facilitates and speeds up supervisors’ approval of worked time.

A complete solution  

Here are some benefit your gain with Atlas:

  • Ensure an excellent control on your employees' attendance
  • Simplifie your gross payroll process
  • Detail your labour cost breakdown (per branch, per department, per activity, etc.)
  • Manage without effort banked time such as sick days, floaters, banked hours, vacations etc.
  • Automatically manage the calculation of statutory holdays
  • Benefit from the presence chart
  • Free yourself from all those paper sheetstemps

Simple to use

Employee identification at the time clock is done according to the company’s preferred method (magnetic card, touch screen, numeric keyboard).

Atlas automatically records the information according to the selected utilization method.

Say goodbye to the endlessly heaping piles of punch cards and paperwork. Avoid losses, tiresome calculations, manual input and transcription mistakes on time-related data.


Atlas lets you define several levels of security in order to allow administrators and supervisors to access advanced functions such as time verification, editing, confirmation and much more.

All the recorded hours can be viewed and edited by supervisors. Modifications, additions or deletions are displayed differently to tell these apart from the real-time hours entered by employees, for maximum control.


Optimize Atlas with YOUR parameters of time and attendance management:

  • Define schedule per employee category
  • Choose between hourly rate per employee, per trade, etc.
  • Implant your policies to calcul regular and over time, night, weekend or any other premiums
  • Enforce obligatory minimum time on meal break
  • Analyse your cumulative time reports by timecode in hours or amounts, if desired
  • Create your own Integrated report with our generator and export easily to Excel