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Electronic funds transfer application that guarantees fast and secure transactions for employee payroll deposits, as well as electronic payments to your suppliers and pre-authorized direct payments from your customers.

 Reliable and fast

Telesto is the electronic funds transfer module from Saturn Software inc. With Telesto you will save time and money.

As a stand-alone or together with a payroll software, Telesto allows you to deposit your employees' pays directly into their bank accounts.

This module also offers the possibility to pay your employees and suppliers, and receive your clients' payments by way of electronic funds transfer. No need to go to the bank anymore

Simple and efficient

The way Telesto works is simple. The software communicates with your financial institution via modem and transmits a file containing funds transfer data for deposits and withdrawals to be made in the accounts of your suppliers, clients and employees.

So many advantages

    • Greater speed and reliability for your financial transactions
    • Easier reconciliation of deposits and withdrawals
    • Better control of cash flow
    • Immediate receipt of your clients' payments without having to go to your financial institution
    • Cuts down on stationery costs as well as postal and transportation expenses by eliminating checks
    • Cuts down on time needed to prepare payroll and suppliers' payments
    • Your employees don't have to go to the bank every week to deposit their pay checks
    • Your suppliers don't have to wait to receive your payments
    • Your clients don't have to prepare and mail checks to you