Titan provides a complete autonomy in the production of the net payroll for your employee.

Combined with numerous functions, you will eliminate the need for files in Excel format or others. 



Titan integrates government standards for all Canadian provinces and territories. It can process several companies' payrolls at once. Each company can be divided into branches or divisions and departments for simple and efficient cost management.

Between a restrictive and expensive external payroll service and a customized, internal payroll software requiring extensive resources, there is a worthwhile solution: Titan.

Very simple end-of-year procedures, including production of T4 and RL-1 slips.  Do it yourself or ask our customer service department.

Up-market software, reasonable price

Titan's progressive pricing policy allows a company, whether small, medium or large-sized, to get this up-market software for only a fraction of the price usually asked for a product of such quality. The software can also be used on a rental basis, which includes technical support over the phone and bi-yearly updates. 

Cutting-edge technology

Titan has been designed with Microsoft's latest development tools. The software runs under Windows XP SP3 or more recent. The database runs under Microsoft SQL server 2005 Express or more recent, at the company's convenience. In constant evolution, the software takes advantage of the latest well-proven technologies.

Technical Support 

A team of seasoned professionals provides technical support to the end-user.


Saturn Software looks out for any governmental policy change during the year. We notify our clients of any change and we follow them up to make sure that they keep their software up to date. All the updates are available for download from this site.


Intensive training can be given to your employees directly at your workplace or over the web. Continuous training is also given to all clients subscribing to the annual support, update and continuous training plan, through the Internet (e-learning).


Titan payroll solution is very much appreciated by pay-masters for its simple and user-friendly interface, its ease-of-use as well as the several functionalities integrated in the application.  Titan was first deployed in 2000. Since then, several companies working in various sectors such as services, manufacturing and construction have acquired the payroll solution.