Founded in 1996, Saturn software inc. is located in Pont-Rouge, Québec, Canada, birthplace of the two founders; Gaétan Brière and Louis Laroche.

The company’s mission was always to develop and market softwares facilitating business management.  At the beginning, the company counted three employees including its two associates.  Over the years, other resources joined the company and today, the team can count on the services of fourteen people.

In 1998, Saturn software began the development of a new software suite to manage employee’s remuneration.  The first software of the series, Titan, takes its name after the main moon of the planet Saturn.  The first customer installation of Titan took place at the end of 1999 so as to ensure the treatment of the payroll for the new millennium.  Titan was installed at customers’ who had previous payroll applications needing to be replaced because of the famous year 2000 bug.  Titan is now used for the weekly or biweekly production of tens of thousands of pays in Quebec-based companies as well as companies in other Canadian provinces.  The product continuously evolved over the years to always respect the fiscal changes at the provincial and federal governments, as well as to better answer customers’ specific needs.

In 2002, so as to add a complimentary software to Titan payroll application, the company’s analysts and developers worked on creating Atlas, a software to manage time and attendance.  Initially developed to be used with a tactile punch developed internally, named Cassiopée, is now available with multiple types of collection equipment and various methods of employee identification, from the bar-code card to biometrics.  Atlas and Titan can be used separately but when used together, sharing the same database, they provide a very high-level solution to ensure the management of the remuneration of the company’s employees.

In 2007, always wishing to improve the offer to Canadian organizations, the company started Pandora development, a pleasant to use yet powerful timesheet.  It produces a similar final result to Atlas, generating a gross payroll per employee, ready to send to a pay service or application, or even cost project management software.

In 2011, the company still invests in the improvement of its products. Its team now has two analysts with more than 25 years of experience each, and a strong development team of six analyst-programmers.  There is also four members dedicated to customer support and two more, who administer the company‘s operations.

In 2012, in need of more office space, the company moved from the New Economy Center of Pont-Rouge (NEC) where it had been established since 2002.  The new location, still in Pont-Rouge, enables the organisation to better meet the needs created by the constant growth felt over the previous five years.


Small and medium business

This award, given by the Porneuf chamber of commerce and industries association (UCCIP) in 2013, rewards the excellence and know-how of one of their member.

This distinction is given to a company of 25 or less employees et that distinguished itself by the quality, the originality and the innovative charater of its products or services.


Louis Laroche

Louis Laroche, president, Les Logiciels Saturne inc.