Our philosophy is quite simple, we consider all of our clients as important partners whose success is intimately tied to ours. Thanks to this close collaboration with our clients, we can constantly optimize our offer.

Such a philosophy makes our vision, to become a national leader in time & attendance and payroll solution provider, even more realistic.

We intend to exploit the newest development environments that offer new possibilities to profit from the Internet.

The corner stone of our approach is to know our clients in order to better serve them.

Offering our clients dependable solutions that suit the organization is achieved by taking time to get acquainted with its specific daily challenges.

Here are the four steps:

1) Understand the client's objectives

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step but it is also the most important one: Identify the objectives and expectations of your client.

2) Evaluate the current situation and plan implementation

Evaluating the client's current situation accurately is absolutely essential in order to understand challenges and constraints they have to face up and to ensure an optimum integration of our solutions.

3) Implement, train and personalize

Once it has been meticulously planned, the solutions' implementation process is quite simple. A resource person is assigned to your company and is available to assist you either by phone and Internet or directly at your office.

Basic training is necessary to effectively use our software. As for implementation assistance, training can be done by phone and Internet or directly at your office. Further to the training, the resource person remains available to assist you with personalizing the software for you to make the most out of it.

4) Dedicated follow-up

We consider that it is crucial to maintain a close business relationship with all of our clients. Dedicated follow-up allows us to ensure that our clients are satisfied and that our solutions really meet their expectations. Shall you have a question, comment, request, whatsoever, we are committed to listen to all of what you have to say!


Small and medium business

This award, given by the Porneuf chamber of commerce and industries association (UCCIP) in 2013, rewards the excellence and know-how of one of their member.

This distinction is given to a company of 25 or less employees et that distinguished itself by the quality, the originality and the innovative charater of its products or services.


Louis Laroche

Louis Laroche, president, Les Logiciels Saturne inc.